DESIGNED for spirits aficionados, bartenders, restaurant owners, and those interested in advancing a business plan for the export of mezcal from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Whether you are a novice, someone with an intermediate level of knowledge or a well-seasoned industry professional. I can arrange a PERSONALIZED excursion for you.

Individuals, couples, and groups of up to 18 people; your excursion could be a few hours in duration or up to an 8-day all-inclusive package with an emphasis on the food of Oaxaca, craft beer and pre-Hispanic drinks such as pulque.

I also arrange for cooking classes with internationally renowned chefs who teach cooking with mezcal and pulque. You can DINE in some Mexico’s most highly acclaimed restaurants as well as enjoy pairing events with chocolate, mezcal and CRAFT BEER


I emphasize MEZCAL and AGAVE, with visits to different types of distilleries or palenques. They range from rudimentary clay pot production, to traditional copper stills, and finally to hybrid semi-industrial factories.

LEARN to identify which maguey specie is used to produce each flavor and aroma and hone your palate.

Regardless of the type of experience you want, my goal is always to show you as many steps as possible in the mezcal-making process, beginning with campesinos planting or cutting agave in the countryside, through to SAMPLING the spirit in its purest form as it drips from the spigot.

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I work with my NATIVE friends to ensure that you get an authentic experience.

I'd like to get you out into the fields with a Zapotec family to harvest aguamiel (honey water) and tejate. You can also visit cultural sites such as ruins and craft villages.

Whether you choose a single day excursions or a multi-day package, we visit small, quaint roadside eateries patronized, almost exclusively, by locals.

Email me for prices, testimonials and my qualifications.

Book now to ensure that I can organize the excursion best suited to your needs.

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